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(Taken from Lock Haven Mill International Papers Newsletter - 3/27/01)

Contractors are at work at the General Broke Pulper, installing a ventilation system aimed at eliminating a long-standing dusting problem.

The project involves the installation of ductwork to exhaust the air from the Pulper, routing it through the existing Rotoclone fan, which is part of the F&S Pulper system in Finishing. The Rotoclone is designed to separate out the dust through a fine water shower mist within the fan housing.

The contractor for the dust control project, Billtown Mechanical Corporation, got work underway yesterday. The project is expected to take the better part of a week to complete. There will be emissions reporting requirements to the state once the project is finished.

Sturdy enough to hoist a major flag, this 137-foot pole arrived in Williamsport in 3 pieces. Billtown Mechanical Corporation welds together two sections on the grounds of Pennsylvania College of Technology. Since erected, the pole stands 120 feet high, making it the highest flag pole in the state.



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